Clinical Trial Services

CTTG provides an experienced resource for outsourcing negotiation of all your clinical trial related contracts.

Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs): CTTG attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating CTAs for a variety of products and clinical trial settings. We can use company provided templates and negotiation parameters to conduct negotiations or provide you with assistance in developing those documents.

Master Services Agreements (MSAs): Master Services Agreements (MSAs) allow companies conducting clinical trials to order the services they need in a fast and efficient manner. Our attorneys have experience negotiating MSAs with a variety of service providers including printers, translation services, central IRBs and more.

Laboratory Services Agreements (LSAs): When your trials have a laboratory services component CTTG can help draft and negotiate the contract for those services.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs): Confidential Disclosure Agreements are an important part of protecting your proprietary information. CTTG knows that the need for CDAs often comes up unexpectedly and they need to be drafted, negotiated and executed quickly to allow projects to move forward. Our experience with these agreements allows us to provide both efficient and effective negotiation of these important agreements.

Consulting Agreements (CAs): Consultants provide an important resource for expertise in therapeutics areas. CTTG has experience in negotiation of consulting agreements to meet your clinical development needs.

We handle long-term assignments as well as short-term projects that require quick turn around.